EventForte announced plans to roll out an update to its event administration program. Code-named v2, the edition that was upgraded provides significant improvements by building upon WebGL, to its 3D abilities, the same technology used by modern CAD applications to make professional models.

The function administration app was launched in April 2016 on Apple apparatus and was afterwards launched on Android, Windows 10, and desktop systems. The app includes attributes including 3D rendering, two-dimensional diagramming, client management, and day of checkin.

In particular, 3D rendering is becoming EventForte’s most popular characteristic with many consumers lauding the move as a game changer, allowing event planners to “ walk around” a room and get a sense of the lay-out of an event room.

EventForte is and continues to be in the process of getting customer feedback but has for what v2 of the event administration app will feature, some sneak peaks. “Our customers love to tell us how much they love the 3D but we always need to get it even more personalized,” said Ankit Gupta, Leader of EventForte. “In v2, we'll be adding in new features including new furniture, and personalized table and wall cloth colors. For the remainder, you ’ll have to wait and see.”

EventForte, Inc. is a food technology company that supplies an all in one occasion management cloud platform. The event administration process is simplified by EventForte by empowering eventplanners and venues with easy-to-use occasion planning tools that function innovative systems such as for instance artificial intelligence, accurate 3D rendering, and virtual reality. 

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