GoWeb3D launches Obama-Biden '08 and McCain-Palin '08 virtual worlds to commemorate the approaching US Presidential Election. 'Click, enter, and get together' in the virtual campaign offices of GoWeb3D with your nominee's supporters.

GoWeb3D announces the launch of Obama-Biden '08 and McCain-Palin '08 virtual universes to commemorate the coming US Presidential Election. 'Click, enter, and get together' along with your nominee's other supporters at highly accessible, internet-based GoWeb3D campaign offices that are virtual.

With GoWeb3D, anyone on the planet can visit a virtual surroundings at any normal web address. Our spaces will save users time and money on travel and are available at all price points and help save the environment. " Notes Rahul Dutta, co founder.

The 3D effort offices are avatar-equipped and graphically rich environments on ordinary webpages. Users may link directly to these freely accessible environments from their very own sites. These environments are wholly financed and provided by without authority from either effort.